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Table lamps

We have at your disposal a wide range of handmade lamps to decorate tables, bedside tables or living rooms.

Ceiling lamps

If what you prefer is a lamp to hang from the ceiling, we can show you a very exquisite and unique repertoire.

Standing lamps

We also have lamps designed to illuminate with exotic shapes and project games of light and shadow.

From the seed to your home

Customer reviews

As a decorative thing they are perfect, enchanting

We have purchased two candle holders (Ante and Feng Shui) for the study and living room. As a decorative element they are perfect, they have a lot of charm.We found it very economical for all the craft work they have. It shows that I have done it with care and it has taken very little time to arrive since we bought them.The atmosphere it creates is magical, beautiful.Carolina Blázquez

Very adjusted price for the work and creativity they have

These pumpkin lamps for me are spectacular. They are pure art. An excellent job from Kuia, congratulations. I have two, a small one and a large one that make my house a really special place when I turn them on, and also unique, because all the ones I have seen are different. And the price seemed very adjusted for the work and creativity they have. I recommend it. I love. Thank you. Roberto Chakra

The lamps are a true artistic work

Kuia’s lamps are a true artistic work. It is seen that the lamp is made in detail, and the most incredible thing of all is that the whole process (the seeding, the drying, the design and the finishing) are done with great care by Iñaki, the pumpkin craftsman. It seems to me a precious and magical work, as magical as lighting a pumpkin in a corner of your house. Edurne Toscano Lopez

Great gift if you are looking for originality

Hi, i have two. Are beautiful. They create a very cozy and elegant atmosphere. The price is more than adjusted considering that it is totally artisan work. Great gift if you are looking for originality. Blanca Yacora

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