I am a young lover of craftsmanship who began his journey on this project in 2013. It all started on a trip I made to Istanbul, when I first saw, in the Grand Bazaar, the beautiful handmade lamps made with gourds. There began to come up with ideas and when I returned to the Basque Country I decided to grow my first gourd plants.

Everything was a new world for me: the garden, designing and sculpting a decorative element in a traditional way… Today, I have my own workshop and garden, and every day I continue acquiring new skills in the elaboration of my designs. I am increasingly focusing on the creation of rustic lamps that offer an ambient light.

In addition, as a lover of Nature, all my lamps are handmade with natural, ecological and sustainable materials, creating unique lamps.

What I do 
My main product are handmade lamps, designed to decorate rustic environments (lamps for restaurants, rural houses, lodgings, homes…).

Most of the materials used are natural (wood, stone, shells…), and the process is totally artisan. I create different types of lamps: floor, ceiling, table, wall lamps…

They are unique lamps made by hand, all are different, always looking for originality in their designs and providing an ambient lighting that generates a special set of lights and shadows.

Custom lamps are also created. By having complete control over the whole process, the customer can decide 100% the design: from the type of lamp to the design of the drawing, through the materials used in each structure. On the other hand, my creations have diversified into other decorative elements, such as flowerpots and candlesticks. The common element in all creations is, of course, the gourd.

How can I do it
The process begins in the garden. We get the seed, which will later give us its fruit: the gourd.

Continue with the drying step which takes about 6 months and requires periodic care.

Once ready, the design phase begins, in which different drawing techniques are used, always thinking about the final illumination. Finally, the stage of carving, painting and handmade assembly arrives.

Once finished, it is verified that both the lighting effects and the functioning are optimal. One of the philosophies of this project is self-sufficiency, and therefore ours is “a seed, a lamp”.