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Candle holder of the Santiago´s road


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Candle holder made with pilgrim’s pumpkin, carved in a traditional way, with the symbol of the cross of Santiago. A good memory for all the pilgrims who have made the way to Santiago. Take this beautiful souvenir, if you made the pilgrimage to Santiago, what better way than with a pilgrim’s pumpkin, with the most mythical symbol of the road carved in it. Light the candle and you will wear the cross of Santiago to remember all the adventures lived along the way. In addition to the cross, we can also personalize the candle holder with different symbols, for this contact us through the email kuia@kuialamparas.es

Product Description

Specific information:

  •  Height: 10 cm
  • · Width: 10 cm
  • · Depth: 10 cm
  •   Gourd diameter:  10 cm