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Decorative lamp Serp black


This decorative-minimalist lamp consists of the same model of the “serp”, but in this occasion we have replaced its rustic style by a more formal or minimalist, as you prefer to call it.The lampshade continues to be hand carved gourd, but this time it has been painted in gray, since the contrast between the gray of the squash and the black of the flexible base stands out and looks great.The base continues to be a flexible tube, adaptable to all places of the house, but this time as I said it has been lined with black cloth, which gives a more formal appearance.On this occasion a white light is preferable to a warm light. White gives you a much better look.As for the sale, you should choose the type of carving, if it is by dots or stripes.

Product Description

Specific information:

  • Height: 45 cm
  • Width: 25 cm
  • Gourd diameter:15 cm
  • Light bulb: Led E-14 3000k 220-240v/50Hz 2W
  • Lamp voltage: 220V
  • Style: Decorative-minimalist