Handmade Flexo Lamp Arrunt


Handmade flexo lamp made of gourd. The gourd is cultivated by ourselves in an ecological way. Then we let it dry for 4-6 months until it acquires a texture similar to wood, and will have a lifespan for life.

The gourd has been carved by hand, making it an opening similar to that of a tulip, where it will emit a powerful lighting that will allow you to use it as a lamp for the bed, you can use it to read, watch TV … any use you could give to a lamp current, only that this  made with pumpkin.

The base consists of a totally flexible tube, which you can adapt to your taste, giving it the shape you want and orienting in the direction that suits you best

1 in stock (can be backordered)


Specific information:                     Height: 45 cm

Width: 37 cm

Gourd diameter: 13 cm

Light bulb: Led E-14 230v 11W

Lamp voltage: 220V


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Handmade Flexo Lamp Arrunt
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