Pilgrim’s Pumpkin Seeds


Pilgrim pumpkin seeds, has many names depending on the area … Lagenaria siceraria, mate, pilgrim squash, gourd, capallu from Chile, guada from Chile, guaje, bule, jícaro or acocote.

It is used to make craft objects, the best known is the canteen to carry water or wine, which is very visible on the “Camino de Santiago”, hence the name of the pilgrim’s gourd.

It is a very easy to grow pumpkin, climbing, which will reach 3 meters in height if you take good care of it and from which a lot of fruits will come out that when dried will be hard as wood.


Specific dates:

  • Pumpkin height: 10-20 cm (depending on the care of the plant)
  • Width: 5-15 cm (depending on the care of the plant)
  • Pumpkin diameter: 5-15 cm (depending on the care of the plant)
  • Plant height: More than 1m
  • Planting time: April-May
  • Scientific name: Lagenaria Siceraria
  • Seed quantity: 20-40


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Semilla de calabaza del peregrino
Pilgrim’s Pumpkin Seeds


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