Road of Santiago pumpkin bowls


Handmade bowls made with pilgrim’s pumpkin. Carved the cross of Santiago, they are a beautiful souvenir for all those pilgrims who have made the road to Santiago. The pumpkin, which we cultivate ourselves, has been dried until it acquires a texture to that of the wood, and then the symbol has been carved in an artisanal way.



Specific information:

  • Height: 8-12 cm
  • Width: 8-12 cm
  • Depth: 8-12 cm
  • Gourd diameter: 8-12 cm

Additional information

Camino de Santiago

Cross of Santiago, Santiago´s shell big, Santiago´s shell small, Santiago´s shell with lid

cuenco de recuerdo camino de santiago
Road of Santiago pumpkin bowls


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