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Beautifull shadows and lighting effects

Ecological and sustainable designs

A seed, a lamp

Handmade Gourd Lamps

Handcrafted lamps, created with gourds growned myself. Unique designs, beautifull shadows and lighting effects. Recycle, sustainable and ecological are the philosophy, always looking for a unique design and beautiful ligthing effects and original shadows

Properly grown gourds

Gourds are properly grown. These are special pumpkin species for handicrafts. They are known as pilgrim’s gourds and inside are hollow, so they are perfect for working with them. Here you can see the orchard where everything begins, turning a seed into a lamp is something magical, and this is where this project gains all its value. Produce a utilitarian product using something that is created from the nature. Transform a natural product into something totally useful as a lamp and that at the same time satisfies the decorative needs of the home.

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Are you a lover of rustic lighting? Do you like crafts? Do you want to buy a handmade lamp? I guarantee you will not find two equal lamps. In kuia gourd lamps we take care of the whole process of creating the lamps. Starting by planting the seed that later become gourds, then, I dry it to make it optimal for the craft work. And finally, design the gourd thinking always in a unique design, getting a rustic lamp that you will not find anywhere else. All lamps are handmade, sometimes using recycled materials, designed to achieve different sets of shadows, perfect for an ambient lighting.

Gourd Lamps Gallery

Would you like to see the different types of lamps that I make? Click here and you will see all the variety, table lamps, ceiling lamps, rustic lamps. All kinds of handmade lamps made of gourds, using the imagination and, of course, adding ecological and sustainable value to the lamps.
All lamps are 100% handmade and sustainable production. Looking for naturalness in each of the lamps, the process tries to be as sustainable as possible, so that natural materials (stones, logs, hemp rope) are used to create the bases, which gives a rustic touch to the works. As a lampshade, always is used the gourds, which is properly cultivated in an ecological way.
In the process of creation, different types of tools of carving and drilling are used, but the more used machine in the works is the dremel multi-tool.
Usually most of the gourds are painted with colors similar to the wood, to obtain a rustic finish in each of the works. Sometimes the gourds are used unpainted, as they have some colors and very particular drawings that reminds the wood