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Choose the type of lamp that you like the most.

Table lamps

We have at your disposal a wide range of handmade lamps to decorate tables, bedside tables or living rooms.

Ceiling lamps

If what you prefer is a lamp to hang from the ceiling, we can show you a very exquisite and unique repertoire.

Floor lamps

We also have lamps designed to illuminate with exotic shapes and project games of light and shadow.

Do you want to give your house a more rural feel? If so, at Kuia Lamps we have the rustic lamps you need to complete your decoration.

The rustic interior decoration is a highly demanded style since it awakens our feelings of nostalgia and gives our home that touch of warmth that makes us feel that we have already come home.

In our store you will find vintage lamp designs, as well as pieces with a more ethnic style to create a more current rustic atmosphere.

Original rustic lamps: the best option to warm the whole environment

A fundamental element in any decoration are ceiling lampsThe decoration is not only focused on putting rustic furniture, in fact you can choose to put more modern pieces and get that warm atmosphere with our pumpkin lamps.

The rustic ceiling lamps are elements that are very visible. Therefore, we recommend that you choose a unique piece; that draws attention.

One of our lamps that could fit you in this style of decoration is the Lif design. It is a simple, wood-colored lamp with wide openings that help increase the lighting in the room.

With it the decoration of your home will not be overloaded and you will get that touch of warmth and magic that only rustic environments know how to bring us.

Floor lamps: the best rustic option to create a corner full of magic

There are times when we don’t want the entire stay to be the same. In other words, what we want is to find that piece that contributes to creating a corner of our own that gives our home the personality it needs.

If you have that idea the floor lamps are great. In our lamp shop you will find designs to create a more intimate space like the Korua model; one of our rustic star lamps.

Table lamps: interior lighting of rustic houses

At Kuia Lamps we not only offer you living room lamps. The lighting of other rooms, such as the bedroom, is also important to us, which is why we offer you several models of bedside table lamps that are sure to meet your expectations.

It is in this category where we have the greatest diversity of rustic lamp designs, so you will surely find the one you are looking for to complete the decoration of your home.

If you are a fan of that ethnic style that brings so much personality, we recommend you go for the Turkish Kabak lamp. It is an authentic work of art that, without a doubt, will give that exotic touch that will make a difference in your decoration.

Rustic wall lamps: the best for taking care of small details

Many times a rustic atmosphere is created by those small details, that object that gives personality and that if you removed it nothing would be the same.

Wall sconces have that function. They are not essential for lighting, but without them the decoration of the room would be completely different.

If you do not find your rustic lamp among our designs, at Kuia Lamps, manufacturers of rustic lamps, we can customize your own. Contact us, tell us your idea and we will make it happen.



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