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Who I am

Years ago I was traveling in Instanbul and this trip changed my life.

I got lost in a great bazaar and discovered some handmade pumpkin lamps that captivated me. And from that moment I decided to focus my professional career as a craftsman on creating exclusive pumpkin lamp designs. Create a type of decorative lamp that goes beyond the established, something different and spectacular

I’m not going to fool you, like everything at the beginning, at the beginning everything was new to me. The garden to grow the pumpkins, the care of them to guarantee the best quality; design and sculpt the pumpkin itself as a decorative element

It has been, and continues to be, a daily adventure in this exciting world that I enjoy so much. Today I have my own workshop, where I give free rein to my imagination with new designs for the drawings of pumpkins, in order to create unique lighting effects and create a warm and pleasant atmosphere.

In addition, as a nature lover, all my creations are handmade with natural, ecological and sustainable materials, in order to create a unique and exclusive lamp for each environment.

From the seed to your home

Exhibition of our lamps at a craft fair



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